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Welcome to PB Global

Industries Limited

Manufactures different categories of surgical products
ranging from sofra tulle (pb sterile antibiotic tulle),
bandages, cotton wool etc .

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Our production staff are qualified,
experienced and competent
for manufacturing

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Surgical Products

we are ready to export our quality surgical products
nationwide and to different countries.

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We drive our action. Since 2015, these competent and dedicated pioneers started a journey equipped with limited resources but with firm belief. Together we will grow and achieve our goals to become powerful and dynamic leader among manufacturers of Quality medical devices in Nigeria.

Yusuf .U. Amonye
Managing Director
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What We Offer

Our Products

PB Sterile Antibiotic Tulle

This medication is a gauze dressing impregnated with the antibiotic framycetin sulfate. Framycetin sulfate belongs to a group of

Cotton Wool

Absorbent  cotton  is  cleaned,  de-oiled  and  bleached  cotton  packed  in  different  sizes. Since absorbent cotton is a material which

Crepe Bandages

What are crepe bandages? A crepe bandage is a standard first aid bandage that everyone will have come across

Dressing Set

Dressing Set comprises of basic instruments used to change wound dressings or surgical incision.

Major Delivery Set

This are essential instruments used during childbirth. It is used to perform surgical cut during delivery to aid

Suture Set

This are instruments used in wound management. It contains medical instruments used in holding (sewing) body tissues together

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At PB Global, quality is not only essential for our individual products but also the entire value-creation process.

Our certified quality management system ensures that our customers can rely on our products and services.

  • Manufacturing and design expertise
  • Production and supply chain
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Product satisfaction at its peak.
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For Business: For Business, inquiry fills our feedback form or call the
Number – (+234) 8039588232, our team will help you within 24 hours.

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    We have tirelessly pursued our goal of taking a lead in Nigeria surgical manufacturing and distributing. We work for ourselves with the sole aim of producing high quality and cherished products in order to put a smile on the faces of our customers.

    PB Global Industries Limited is committed to develop, manufacture and market high quality surgical products. We strictly ensure that the equipment or machinery employed in the production process is of the top most quality. PB Global Industries Limited manufactures both PB Sterile Tulle, Cotton Wool and Crepe Bandages.

    To explore and identify new market opportunities (both at national and international level), to completely understand the customer needs and requirements.

    Our marketing department on the island of Lagos-Nigeria works with Internal or external product development teams to develop new products or improve existing ones. The department analyzes sales of existing products and identifies gaps in the product range where there may be opportunities for the company.

    Years of experience for giving you better results.

    We Manufactures different categories of surgical products ranging from sofra tulle (pb sterile antibiotic tulle), bandages, cotton wool etc .which is NAFDAC certified and approved.

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